Para­Vi­ta is a trai­ning and coac­hing com­pa­ny that helps people find ent­husiasm and effec­ti­ve­ness in their work and in life gene­ral­ly. ParaVita’s trai­ner and coach is Cer­ti­fied Results Coach Mari Blom­qvist. She’s got more than 20 years of expe­rience as a coach, con­sul­tant, trai­ner, HR deve­lo­per and researcher.

In ParaVita’s trai­nings the emp­ha­sis is on acti­ve par­tici­pa­tion, inte­rac­ti­ve lear­ning and effec­ti­ve­ness.  The insights got in the trai­nings have direct impact on dai­ly work life. The met­hods used are conc­re­te and peda­go­gical­ly pro­ven. Para­Vi­ta deli­vers trai­nings among others in fol­lowing areas:

  • Lea­ders­hip and inte­rac­tion skills
  • Coac­hing skills
  • Chan­ge management
  • Mana­ge­ment team training
  • Per­for­mance management
  • Diver­si­ty

Besi­des Mari’s own com­pa­ny Para­Vi­ta Mari also works for her inter­na­tio­nal trai­ning part­ners. In 2018 she wor­ked for Zam­bia Public Procu­re­ment Aut­ho­ri­ty through Ins­ti­tu­tio­nal Twin­ning Part­ners­hip with HAUS Fin­nish Ins­ti­tu­te of Public Management.


Y‑tunnus: 2167005–4

+358 45 899 0228

Kar­hun­kaa­ta­jan­tie 18 Ba,
00800 Helsinki